Monday, July 18, 2011

Alex's surprise Birthday/Anniversary Present Part 1

So for Alex's birthday and our 2 year anniversary i surprised Alex with a trip to Disneyland. In the morning on our way there we stoped to get doughnuts they wer yummy. :P

We got to Disneyland and went on the tram we wer very excited.... Can you tell?

We calmed down a little once we got close to the park.

So once we got to Disneyland we got our tickets and went inside we got a happy birthday pin for Alex and we both got happy anniversary pins form the town hall. After that we went to STAR TOURS we just couldn't wait.

Poor old pilot he is in the trash now its sucks being replaced. :(

Got our 3D glasses on getting ready to go inside for the ride of our lives. It was loads of fun we wanted to go on it again later but the line was soooo big.

Space mountain was next i love that ride all though i feel like imma hit my head or loos a hand lol Alex says "ill lose a finger on this ride it will make me rich, so worth it" i disagree i wanna keep my body parts attached to me lol.

Ok so I always forget that there is a picture at the end of space mountain so i always look confused lol.

Next was splash mountain it was hot that day. No turning back now muhuhahaha.

We are so cute arnt we?

We decided to make faces for the picture we wer going for the ring look hahaha but i just look really scared my mouth is so big bwahahahaha!!!!

Next was haunted mansion we took pictures of each other in front of the mansion and then someone offered to take one of us together how nice.

Spooky statue it never stops looking at you aaaahhhh!!!!

Next was pirates not alot of pics but hey we had fun. Here's jack :P

I want that gold!!!!


Indiana Jones

The ceiling inside looked cool so before we got in our jeep Alex told me to take a picture.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My 20th Bday January 2011

Well i forget my camera this year for my bday this year but we went to knotts and had a blast. Alex got me a diamond ring for my birthday as well he forgot it at home and ruined his own plan lol so he had to give it to me wen we got home that night i love it and i love him. I didnt expect him to give me anything for my birthday because he took me to knotts but he did thank you bebe your the best.

Monday, June 7, 2010

my 19th birthday at disneyland 2010

January 2010 Alex took me to Disneyland for my birthday. he decided it would be fun to take me on a bugs life 4d or whatever lol i didn't want to go at first but he assured me there was no spiders well he was lieing to me and i ended up freaking out and crying when the spiders dropped down from the ceiling. lol i punched him in the arm when we got out :).

so after the bugs life indecent we went on the roller coaster by the toy story ride i forget whats
its called but it was fun. then we went on toy story. we wer talking smack the whole time we wer in line lol. when we got in i was winning but he past me up in the bonus round. :( he rubbed that in big time jerk lol jk.

here we are on Indiana Jones i love this ride except the bug part yuck

this is inside the path to the ride
I'm surprised it came out so good. :)

this is also on Indiana Jones. hes so handsome.

space mountain i didn't know there was a
photo lol i look retarded i was so confused hahaha.

splash mountain we got so wet
lol. it was fun.

tower of terror love it.

i cant remember what ride this is but i look like
I'm having fun.

funny hat
picture hehehe it suits him well.

we are so cute he is horny
lol get it and sally wants to watch lol sicko.

my favorite character.

i locked him up and threw away the key but...

he was working out so he bent the bars and escaped.


Mr toad

Mickey Alex and me.